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21 News Caption Fails

The Milf Speaks
Sadly. it looks like being a Milf is losing its allure...


We all know that it’s sometimes hard to do your job. Or care. But wouldn’t you think that if you were responsible for broadcasting to a large audience, like say – the world – you might check your work? This post from BuzzFeed.com shows that there might be a little more room for lightening the payroll in the media department.

Where Is the Rapist?


I feel bad for this guy. Not only does he have to report on the nightly news, but he’s stuck here, with his channel 7 lapel pin talking about a rapist. He has to show an iffy sketch of the suspect. And that sketch looks an awful lot like him. Now, it’s not just the whole, “white people think all black people look the same” thing going on. It’s just that – well – there’s a similarity. And that’s pretty funny.