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Hipster Trap in NYC

A bear trap containing mod sunglasses, American Spirit cigarettes and a can of PBR

Someone’s been setting up Hipster Traps in NYC and doing a pretty good job of making them look real. Everything except the trap itself is an authentic piece of unofficial hipster gear. Of course, all hipster gear is unofficial, since no true hipster would ever associate with anything labeled “official¬†hipster gear” in the first place.

The cardboard (but very realistic) trap contains pink plastic-framed sunglasses, a yellow bike chain, a pack of American Spirit cigarettes, and a can of PBR. Pabst Blue Ribbon being the unofficial official beer of hipsters everywhere.

Found via Gigaface.

The traps have been getting some attention, too:¬†http://www.metro.us/newyork/local/article/806154–hipster-hunters-target-bridge-tunnelers

Look At This Fucking Hipster

A hipster as seen in its natural environment.
A hipster as seen in its natural environment.


Try describing a “hipster” today to someone who doesn’t know what you’re talking about. Then, show them a picture of a hipster and see if they get it. When it comes to successfully completing that task, a picture really is worth 1,000 words. Or 100,000 cans of PBR. Too bad this guy had so many things going for him in the Hipster Of The Year sweepstakes but he grabbed a Corona instead.