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How To Use An Apostrophe

How to use an apostrophe
Here's to all you kids out there that can't do it!

Our schooling system suck’s. I think kid’s are actually being taught that any word that ends in an “S” should also have an apostrophe. If you have read this sentence and don’t see any punctuation problem’s, then please note my fast food preference’s, as my bet is you’ll be serving me that crap for a long time to come.

People of Walmart

This pretty much sums it up.
This pretty much sums it up.

Walmart. Love it or hate it, it’s part of our culture. The most interesting thing is how it brings out a particular element in our culture that can’t be found anywhere else with such consistency. This blog is dedicated to the fine folks who keep the economy thriving through their local Walmart. Without them, we’d… well… we wouldn’t have these photos to look at.