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How it all started.

I’ve always loved the odd, obscure, unusual, campy, stupid, smart, and offbeat stuff. Across all categories and genres. I’ve got an unusual sense of humor and when I find something I find funny, it’s usually an all-or nothing type of deal.

So every once in a while something catches my eye and sticks with me. That’s what happened one night in the winter of 2001 at a gas station of all places.

I got out of the car, slid my credit card through the pump to get it going, and stood back to shove my hands in my pockets and wait for the tank to fill. Well – the digital display on the pump informed me of the current status: PUMP IS PUMPING.

No shit. That’s what a pump does, right? Pump is not jumping. Pump is not flying. Pump is not articulating. Pump is pumping. Good job, pump.

So I took a picture of it.

Gas station pump status. Insightful.
Gas station pump status. Insightful.

And there it sat for a good long time. On my camera, and then on my computer. I wasn’t sure I knew what I was going to do with it, but I knew I wanted to do something.

Well, the time to do ~something~ is here. I’m going to use that eight-year-old image as inspiration.

I think it’s pretty appropriate, too. The night I came across this silly circumstance was kind of random. One of the things like I mentioned above. That’s kind of the way things happen online, too. Sporadically. You get a ton of crap emailed to you or otherwise shared by friends and family. What to do with it all? Delete most of it. But what about the good stuff? The stuff that makes the Internet a worthwhile waste of time?

Well, that pump is pumping, and here’s what I feel is worth sharing.